Chile, Nicaragua, Thailand, Greece, Haiti. These five are just top of mind, but they and many other beautiful countries around the globe have one very sad thing in common. Dogs that need help.

The number of places around the world with out of control dog populations far out numbers the places that don’t. Even in the United States, there are more pups that need homes than seemingly available homes to give. When my wife and I travel, meeting all the stray, abandoned, abused, or forgotten dogs is consistently one of the most heart-breaking experiences for us. Of course, we want to save them all, and we have adopted two, but there are so many more that need help.

That’s why we decided to start this series on Explore Inspired, dedicating a portion of the site’s resources to sharing inspirational rescue stories, spreading awareness of the issues at hand and the great work being done by individuals and organizations, and providing solutions wherever and whenever possible.

There are people and organizations out there doing inspiring work. Whether saving street dogs from flooded cities, raiding and shutting down puppy mills, rescuing pups from the dog meat trade, or simply taking in a wandering stray, we want to be able to bring you these stories in hopes that others are inspired to act with compassion and purpose. If you have a story to share, please email us at

-Jonathan and Alexandria Ronzio


Deticking A Stray Dog in Koh Tao, Thailand

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We had originally planned to go scuba diving, but the day had other plans for us. After a thunderstorm rolled in and diving was canceled, a scared a tick-ridden stray…

Introducing Explore Inspired’s Rescue Dog Resource Series

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Love dogs? Us too! Chile, Nicaragua, Thailand, Greece, Haiti. These five are just top of mind, but they and many other beautiful countries around the globe have one very sad…

This Man Feeds 80 Streets Dogs in Thailand Every Day

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Michael Baines, Scottish expat and longtime Thailand resident, started feeding the stray dogs outside of his restaurant 5 years ago. Feeding them a mixture of dry dog food, white rice, steamed…

28-Year-Old Janey Lowes Quit Her Job and Dedicated Herself to Saving Sri Lanka Street Dogs

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28-year-old dog-lover and vet, Janey Lowes, was shocked when she witnessed the sad state of stray dogs on her 2014 trip to Sri Lanka. Heart-broken and wanting to help, she…

The Dog Problem in South America and 3 Ways You Can Help

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South America is an incredible place, but it’s got a big problem. Abandoned animals. Stray dogs and cats are roaming the streets in alarming numbers. I always do my best…


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