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Keep Moving Forward Podcast Episode 53: “Decide to Act on Your Dreams” (with Jonathan Ronzio)

The following excerpt is from Episode 53 of the Keep Moving Forward Podcast, by Katy Galli. Listen to the full interview here.

“Decide to act on your dream.” This statement rings true with everything that Jonathan Ronzio has done throughout his entire life. From he and his brother beginning their own event video production company, to Jonathan creating his documentary “Between the Peaks,” to that film growing into his adventure-philanthropy blog and expedition series, “Explore Inspired,” Jonathan simply decides what he wants to do, and goes full force until he achieves that goal.

While clearly an avid entrepreneur, the explorer in him evolved into a competitor in another realm, as well. A mountain climber and boarding expert, Jonathan became intrigued with obstacle course racing and today is named among the elite in this sport. He’s even competed on NBC’s Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge where he showcased his obstacle expertise to the world.

Being interested in so many seemingly disparate things, Jonathan finds himself wanting to pursue so many different paths, which he does, and encourages others to do the very same. He believes in letting all your worlds coexist, and lives by this mantra every day. We had a great talk together and I hope that you enjoy my discussion with adventuring entrepreneur, Jonathan Ronzio.

Listen to Keep Moving Forward Episode 53

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