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Let Challenges Inspire You to Chase “Impossible” Dreams – Mud Gear Q&A

Recently, Explore Inspired founder, Jonathan Ronzio, was profiled by obstacle course racing apparel brand Mud Gear. Ronzio took to competing in the OCR circuit as an elite Spartan racer for the purpose of mountaineering cross-training, and the pursuit has evolved since.

“What inspires you?

Challenges inspire me. Whether that be a mountain, a race, a business, or person goal. I’m inspired by looking at seemingly impossible possible dreams, and breaking them down into obtainable and inspirational realities.”

Read the full Q&A with Mud Gear now!

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Explore Inspired is adventure / travel / lifestyle blog and expedition series blending adrenaline-fueled exploration with humanitarian and conservation work to create adventure content that inspires change.

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