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I’m on the road a lot. Anything I list here, I trust and use regularly. I’m also finding awesome new travel resources all the time, so I’ll keep this updated with my favorites for you!

Jonathan Ronzio / Founder, Explore Inspired



Momondo is probably my favorite new travel search site! Find and compare the cheapest flights from thousands of airline and travel sites for free, and, their trip finder tool is hands down one of the best out there for flexible and inspired travel planning.


I’m literally on this all the time! Set your point of departure, your budget, and voila! See all the places you can go! Filter by month or season if you’re planning a getaway for a specific time of year, or just let the deals dictate where you’ll travel and when.


Same concept, but with Southwest flights, and you have to specify a date. If you’ve got a weekend in mind that you wanted to take off, but didn’t care where, just search here and see where your budget or points can take you!


100% my favorite flight finder app. Hitlist is a new travel app that not only sniffs out the best flight deals, it curates experiences and getaways in an addictively beautiful fashion. The flight search engine seems to be built on top of Skyscanner, so the deals are legit. Set your home airport, and then you’re off browsing the collections and getting inspired with how cheap you can go anywhere!



What’s not to love about the goat? is typically my go-to for pretty much all gear, whether for general travel, climbing, surfing, or more. It’s surprising if they don’t have something you need, they run great deals, they’re customer service is fantastic, and – wait – yes you guessed it – you can shop Backcountry via Rapid Rewards Shopping and rack up some serious points on things you need or want anyway!



I’ve always been a big fan of REI. I think as a company, they do it right. Quality gear and quality values. If your not a member of the CoOp yet, join up! I actually have the REI MasterCard too, which really adds up onto your REI dividend at the start of every year. Free gear? Yes please!


The Clymb is a totally badass members-only gear and adventure hub, with steep discounts on rad gear, tons of amazing trip opportunities, and super well done blog too. Plus, get $10 credit towards your first order when you sign up through this link!


Adventure and travel photographers take note. There are not better clips, slings, straps, or bags on the market. Peak Design makes the smartest, most intuitive, most perfect camera accessories I’ve used yet. Get a free gift when you start your shopping here!



Airbnb has become one of the standout success stories of the sharing economy. People with extra space, or an empty place, simply rent it out to travelers in need. From a spare couch to a luxury loft in Dam Square, if you need a place, it’s there. Also, sign up using this link and get $20 off your first booking!


Couchsurfing is the ultimate in travel karma with the world’s best open-door-policy. Explore with an open heart, open mind, and an open wallet, because Couchsurfing is free!


Hostels have an unfortunately negative reputation in many traditional travel circles, or with less-traveled folks in general, but they are sadly misunderstood! Staying in hostels while traveling is actually a beautiful experience. The people you’ll meet, stories you’ll share, and money you’ll save is just incredible. And Hostel World is a great spot to find a trustworthy place to rest your head.


Short for “garden camping,” Gamping finds you private land to camp on. I can’t even count the times I’ve slept in my car or thrown my sleeping bag in the dirt beside a backcountry road because I didn’t know where else to set up camp. Gamping negates that dilemma by opening up neighborly backyards to travelers and their tents.



I love the Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa card. In fact, more than half of my flights each year are free because of it! Using the credit card, in tandem with learning to make the most of earnings through Rapid Rewards Shopping and partner sites, will have you well on your way to Companion Pass in your first year. That means name someone to fly free with you for an entire year! But make sure you wait for the 50,000 point sign up bonus they run a couple times each year.


Rocket Miles is a major point earner. I link up my Rapid Rewards account to further feed the point fuel there, but they have a lot of options for frequent flyer and loyalty accounts you can use. It’s simple. Use it to book your hotel, and rack up the points. I got 21,000 Rapid Rewards points from a 2 night in a Times Square Hilton last year! And you can get 1,000 bonus points right off the bat if you sign up with this link.


I never loved Delta, or AMEX, but this card won me over. You get a $50 statement credit instantly, (which you can put toward a flight if you apply while booking one), and then earn up to 50,000 miles after spending just $1,000 in your first three months. That’s a free ticket from NYC to Syndey if you want! Not to mention a free checked bag and priority boarding every time you fly Delta.



My go-to itinerary planning tool when heading to a new place is Rome2Rio. Enter your starting point, destination, and any stops in between, then Rome2Rio shows you how to get there—by plane, train, bus, ferry, or car. It even displays the time and estimated cost for each possible route, complete with booking options. It’s beautiful.


While I generally don’t like to plan too much in my travels, I still definitely like having a Lonely Planet Guide Book handy. Sometimes I barely turn a page, but other times it becomes my bible. With exploration, many things are unreliable. A good ol’ fashion paperback guide book is not one of those things. Make room for one of these on your adventures for sure.


Love to ski and ride? If you’re like me, hunting fresh powder is a big part of your travel priorities. There’s nothing like a day out in the mountains, and if I’m not earning the turns in the backcountry, Liftopia is the place to go for hot lift ticket deals all the time! Seriously, lift ticket prices have gone through the roof in recent years, and Liftopia is a true savior offering up to 80% at all the best resorts.


I’m always looking for the best hikes and climbs wherever I go. offers detailed trail info, beautiful photos, full screen maps, and GPX downloads for free. It’s all crowd-sourced, beautifully diverse, and ad-free without sign up. The perfect way to discover new spaces when you’re heading to new places.



From startup spaces to executive offices, find an open desk to work remotely, where you need it, when you need it, all over the world. Workfrom is currently in over 300 cities, giving nomadic entrepreneurs the flexibility we crave.


The easiest way to learn a new language, and it’s free! Duolingo gamified language learning to create a super fun and addictive way to become fluent, or at least semi-proficient, with over 20 different languages.


One of the absolute best things you can do while traveling, is make time to give back. Grassroots Volunteering is a great site for finding volunteer opportunities around the world, many of which are free, offering food and shelter in return for your hard word. Give it a shot!


Going abroad? Got all your shots? Use the Tropical Medical Bureau’s destination directory as a launch point for discovering the most common diseases in whichever country or countries you are set to travel to, and learn which vaccinations you may need before you go.