Watch the Powerful Trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel, the Follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is coming to theaters August 24th. Be ready to make your voice heard and join the movement to fight for our home.

In 2006, the groundbreaking documentary An Inconvenient Truth made waves around the world. With that film, Vice President Al Gore became a hero to most, an enigma to some, and the undeniable leader in the movement against climate change and man-made global warming.

11 years later, action against the impending threats of our global climate crisis is more important than ever, and the follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, An Inconvenient Sequel – Truth to Power, is aptly timed.



Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio


Adventure filmmaker/photographer, outdoor athlete, & speaker. Director, Between The Peaks. Founder & Chief Editor, Explore Inspired

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