In addition to providing world-class climbing support and guided expedition on Mount Kilimanjaro, Seattle-based Miyar Adventures has teamed with The Stella Maris Lodge to not only provide a home base for climbers and safari-goers on the beautiful foothills of Kilimanjaro before and after their trek but also to provide primary education to Tanzanian children in need.

On our expedition with Miyar, we were fortunate to catch Stella Maris manager, Teddy Chuwa, walking one morning and to receive an unofficial tour of the grounds. Along the way, she explained the mission of the school and lodge, and let us hang with some of the kids too! Learn how Teddy, Jess, and The Stella Maris Lodge are providing primary education to Tanzanian children on the foothills of Kilimanjaro, and how you can help their cause today.

Just 25-minutes from Kilimanjaro airport, and just on the outskirts of climbing and safari capital, Moshi, is The Stella Maris. The Lodge and the adjacent Stella Maris English-Medium Primary School were built by the people of Mailisita in partnership with the Mailisita Foundation – a US-based orphan and vulnerable child relief organization.

The income from the Lodge goes exclusively to paying the teachers and buying food for the children. So not only is the Stella Maris a beautiful place to relax, but your stay directly helps the underprivileged children of the local village. You can hear their happy songs while enjoying your morning fresh-brewed Kilimanjaro coffee!

Want to sponsor a child’s education at Stella Maris?

Contact Jess Pasionek at for more information on how to contribute.

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