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I’m Jonathan Ronzio

A coffee-fueled adventure nut obsessed with mountain sports, dogs, music, and helping people find the confidence to create and explore. Want to travel more, climb a mountain, run a marathon, pursue work that you love, or learn to champion a cause you care deeply about? Explore Inspired is designed to help you accomplish all of that and more! And I’m glad you’re here.
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I hang out here the most sharing my photography, candid life stories, and IGTV episodes.
The most up to date everything is here. Join the #ExploreInspired community and conversation.
I make lots of videos. Training stories, mountain adventures, dog rescues, music, and the weekly Explore Inspired Show.
Where I say words. If you listen to podcasts, be sure to tune into #TheStokecast with hosts Emily Holland and I on your next run, walk, ride, or drive.
I’m less stoked about Twitter than some of the others, but I am there, and it’s a great way to get 1-on-1.
My professional profile. I don’t accept everybody but if you want to talk business and have value to bring, then lets.
If you’re into pop/alternative rock, you might dig my original tunes and covers.
All things Jonathan Ronzio including speaking, sponsorships, and stewardship on my personal site.

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