3 Easy Ways to Expand Your Personal and Professional Life

As you plan the adventure that is your life, try focusing less on the destination, or what you hope to find, and let the journey just unfold. Moments and opportunities you never expected will find their way to you.

That’s not to say don’t work diligently towards a goal. You absolutely should. But also, embrace the detours.

“We always knew this film was not going to be about finding a 60-foot giant squid or any bizarre fantasy creatures. We knew it had to be about the exploration gene: what drives people to explore and what it takes to do it.” – James Cameron on Deepsea Challenge 3D.

Exploration. What a concept. We (humans in general) recently (in big-bang time) discovered that we can’t sail off the edge of the world. That’s a relief for the cruise industry. Carnival can set their nautical sights on the other issues threatening their sinking profits.

Google pretty much has the planet mapped out too and they’ve turned it into Pacman – so what’s left? What’s the point of exploring what’s already been explored? The point is personal development.

Just because someone’s been there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. We don’t all have to map new horizons or dive 7 miles into the depths of the Mariana Trench like our friend Jim here, but we can all still explore.

We can test ourselves in unfamiliar waters and push our boundaries by trying new things.


I recently took up slacklining and am loving it. For those of you who don’t know what this is, you set up a 1 inch wide piece of nylon between two trees and walk it like a tightrope. I had seen it and tried it over the past couple years at various rock gyms but was never able to get more than a couple steps.


As a personal challenge, I purchased one and now can walk a 60 foot line almost 5 feet off the ground. It is an amazing way to de-clutter your thoughts and find meditation – if you’re like me and can’t sit still in the lotus position.


I decided to start writing this blog. I’ve kept journals in the past and I write lyrics to my own music, but never have I embarked upon free-writing to this extent. It’s challenging, and I love it. It feels great to channel my passion for life into words and ideas that (hopefully) inspire others to live more enthusiastically meaningful lives and explore with purpose and passion.

Now here’s your challenge, in 3 parts:

1) Pick an activity

Something that intrigues you and you’ve always thought about trying. Give it a shot! Maybe it’s rock climbing, or paddle boarding, or yoga. Go do something new that helps you forget your everyday stresses and have a little fun.

2) Start doing something that will benefit your professional growth

Try signing up for a design class, start writing, or even just buy and read a book that’s relevant to developing skills that help you achieve your career goals.

3) Go explore a place you’ve never been

This is simple. I’m sure there’s lots of options, even very close to home. Get out there and experience it. But here’s the caveat: don’t use your phone. Walk around and talk to people. Find the best views of the city or the greatest places to eat by just asking around.

Who knows what you may find. A 60-foot giant squid? Probably not. But maybe the best damn calamari you’ve ever had!

If you run with this challenge and would like to share your experiences, be sure to come back and comment below! I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes. I expect, swimmingly.

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Jonathan Ronzio

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