FlightCar is the Airbnb of Car Sharing

The sharing economy continues to grow, with Airbnb as its poster child. People around the world are opening their homes, cooking for strangers, renting their goods, and now, offering up their cars. FlightCar is the Airbnb of car sharing!

FlightCar works two ways.

First, if you travel often and hate airport parking fees, then stop paying them. FlightCar lets you park your car for free, and then if it gets rented out while you’re away, you get paid. What’s not to love about turning an annoyingly large expense into a money making opportunity? They also make sure to build in a buffer time between when a renter has your car and when you need it back, just to be sure your own car is always ready for you. And you’ll get a free car wash too!

Second, as a traveler heading to a new city, you can use FlightCar to rent someone else’s wheels for your stay. And often for as cheap as $15/day. You get perks like free insurance, no fees, and no waiting. A FlightCar representative will meet you when you arrive, with your rental car, and bam, you’re off!


I feel like my brother had this idea like 10 years ago, but oh well! Someone had to reinvent cars, and thanks to the growing popularity of the sharing economy, the Airbnb of car sharing has emerged!

If you’re interested in giving FlightCar a shot, you can use this signup link to get a $20 credit on your first car rental.


Jonathan Ronzio



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