Volunteering with Los Cabos Humane Society

While on a workation in Cabo, Jonathan and I decided to spend some of our free time volunteering. After a quick search we found the Los Cabos Humane Society and knew we had to make our way there, and if you’re planning a Cabo getaway, you should consider doing the same!

About Los Cabos Humane Society

The Los Cabos Humane Society is a shelter that takes in stray or surrendered dogs and cats, performs spays/neuter surgeries, and work to adopt out their dogs and cats out to find better homes, or at least caring intermediary fosters.

“Los Cabos Humane Society is committed to a safe, compassionate and prosperous Los Cabos. We offer accessible spay and neuter surgeries, adoption and foster care programs. We promote the humane treatment of domestic animals through community education and active lobbying of our elected government officials.”

How to Get There

The address is: Camino A La Pista Aerea, 23453 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Click this link to get the map and directions.

One option is to take a taxi, but depending on which part of Cabo you are staying, this may be quite expensive. We hopped a couple local buses to get there. It wasn’t the easiest way to go, but it certainly was the cheapest. We just asked people along the way and found that everybody was really helpful and more than willing to help get us going in the right direction.

My first suggestion is always to download the app MapsMe, then be sure to download the map for the location you are traveling. And this is always, not just here. The beauty of MapsMe is that once you’ve downloaded that map for your area, it doesn’t matter if you have service, data, or wifi, the map will work and you can safely navigate the area.

If you are going to go the bus route, take one heading to El Centro. This was $1 per person. Get off at El Centro (the bus driver will let you know when) and then walk to catch your next bus heading towards Gastelum. This was also $1 per person.

Be sure to tell the bus driver you want to go to the Los Cabos Humane Society, which if they don’t know, tell them near La Roca Motel. This, we found out later, is a by-the-hour establishment. It must have been funny to the locals that we were so adamant about getting there, but hey, they all knew where it was! But each time, once we got to the street, they went a little further and dropped us right in front of the shelter.

When To Go

Volunteers are welcome between the hours of 8:30-10:30am and 4-6pm. During these times you can cuddle cats or walk some cute pups!


Jonathan snapping a shot of the not photogenic at all shepherd Mike

How To Help

As a volunteer you can help with any of these necessary tasks:

  1. ProcessingAdoptions
  2. Marina Dog Walking
  3. Walking Dogs At The Center
  4. Dog And Cat Socialization To Make Them More Adoptable
  5. Cat Care At The Center
  6. Rescue
  7. Fostering Dogs
  8. Educational Program
  9. PR & Events
  10. Cultural Circuit Marina Saturdays
  11. Ciclovia Downtown Sundays
  12. The Organic Market – Wednesdays, Saturdays
  13. Clerical Work

To find out more about how you can help please use this email: volunteer@LosCabosHumaneSociety.com

Don’t have time but still want to help? Click this secure link to donate now!

Alex Hand Feeding Two Scared Pups


Click this link to see any of the available adoptable dogs and cats!

Waiting Patiently For Their Walk
Alex with Mora, Available for adoption

Additional Information:

Like their Facebook page, find them on Instagram, or check out their website!

Alexandria Ronzio
Alexandria Ronzio

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Former Team USA Senior Pair Skater, Proud Dog Mom of 2 Rescue Pups, Wife, and Frequent Traveler

  1. Lovely!!!! Thanks a lot for speaking up for them!! I volunteer as well, thats how I got my 8th rescued dog, Rocky (before named as Triumph, the three leg pittie that you have at the picture) Great post!! Congrats!!

    1. Hi Liz! 8th rescue? That’s amazing! We’re so psyched to hear that Triumph/Rocky found a home! He was such a sweet pup and we loved playing around in the garden area with him. Cheers to you!

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