The Perfect Groomsmen Gift for Adventure Loving Travelers: The Carry On Cocktail & Topo Rocks Glass

I love to travel and I love a good strong whiskey drink. So do my groomsmen! That’s why I bought each of them (and myself) a Carry On Cocktail Kit.


For starters, I married the love of my life this past Saturday and it could not have been a more perfect weekend. We put up a big tent in her parents’ backyard, invited 200 of our closest friends and family members, and had the celebration of our lives!

ronzio-wedding-1We strayed away from some traditions, like opting out of the church and into having my best friend and climbing companion Ethan marry us, but of course, one wedding tradition I honored was buying each of my trusty groomsmen a gift.

For weeks I stressed about finding the perfect groomsmen gifts. Something fun and traditional, but personal too. And then I stumbled across the Carry On Cocktail Kit by W&P Design.

It was the perfect gift for my group of frequent travelers and adventurers. W&P has 5 different versions including a Bloody Mary mix, Champagne kit, Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic, and what I went with, the Old Fashioned.


Most adventure-loving travel-addict gentlemen are also fans of good whiskey. My guys certainly fit that mold. So I was psyched to find this perfectly designed, cleverly packed Old Fashioned kit. But I needed to give them more than a mix kit for standing by my side on the big day.

To add to the gift pack, I grabbed some Knob Creek nips from my local liquor store, and then I went in search of the perfect rocks glass. This is where the gift got personal.

I came across these amazing Topography Maps Glassware sets by The Uncommon Green and knew I found a winner. These rocks glasses laser etched with topographic maps were the perfect compliment to the Carry On Cocktail Kit and allowed me to individualize each groomsmen gift by giving them a glass etched with a map of a mountain we had climbed together or place we had gone.

topo-rocks-glassEthan and I recently summitted Mount Kilimanjaro and they conveniently had a Kilimanjaro topo glass. Same with Mount Rainier for Ryan, Mount Washington for Jeff, and so on. I got myself the Denali glass…for motivation to get there! They’re so cool that it was incredibly tempting to just buy every single one of these that I’ve climbed for myself! I didn’t… yet.

These were a huge hit and the perfect gift for the moment. My brothers had brought over a bottle of The Balvenie Single Malt 14-year scotch to toast prior to the ceremony and we were able to put these glasses to good use right off the bat, while they saved their Knob Creek and carry on kits for the flights home.

carryoncocktailkitSo if you’re getting married anytime soon, and your group of best buds consists of travelers and/or climbers, you won’t go wrong with the Carry On Cocktail Kit or these topographic rocks glasses.



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