To Document Your Travels Via Social Media or Not

Amadeus North America calls it social capital seeking and recently asked me for my take on this. To document your travels via social media or not, and why?

At the heart of it all is our desire as people to leave something behind. Documenting travel goes back as far as travel itself. We left marks on caves as we migrated, and mapped the worlds that lay beyond the end of the earth. We climbed mountains for our countries and wrote journals home about our conquests to be published. Sharing our adventures through social media and blogs is simply the evolution of the human story. Our travels and learnings can now be published and consumed in the present, pushing the way we experience and appreciate people’s cultures and places around the world ever further and ever faster. – Jonathan Ronzio

There’s more to this story…

For my full reply and the rest of the interview, which includes what I look for when I travel and my view on how travel companies can tap into the demographic of travelers like me, read the story on the Amadeus North America blog!


Jonathan Ronzio

Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

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  1. Yes, quite right. Adventure is not a private thing it should be shared. I loved to explore just as my father and mother and will continue to do so.
    You see it’s not just a beautiful world but capturing memories with extra tome and different sensory perceptions coming alive. I definitely enjoyed my travels up to Scotland this year and found that it’s open spaces a unique backdrops, we’re just as excusiteas the quaint old brick cobbled streets of Oxted, and the hustle and bustle of Richmond.
    Yes good old Britain the vast cultural languages and dialects and the beautiful country town so close to fields and scenic beauty.

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