5 Things Every Traveler Should Do Before Setting Off

Getting ready to jet off on the trip of a lifetime? We all love a break away; whether it’s for just a few days or as long as a year. Today, let’s explore five things every traveler should do before setting off.

If you remember to tick everything off this checklist, you’ll be in a good position prior to heading out.

1. Sort out your documentation

This is without question the biggest pain when it comes to organizing your getaway. Finding all the right documentation and ensuring it’s up-to-date is a lot of effort – but a necessary step which cannot be ignored.


Passports and visas are the most important items in this regard, but not the only ones. Student cards, hostel memberships and traveling tickets are just as crucial, depending on what you’ll be doing overseas. Rick Steves provides a great guide when it comes to organizing your documents – including a useful reminder to make copies.

2. Pack smartly

There’s nothing worse than leaving packing to the last minute and then scrambling to find something you know you need. Make sure you plan ahead and start to pack things at least a few weeks before you head abroad. Naturally, only pack things at this stage you won’t be needing in the time between then and heading out.

You’ll also need to remember to only take items with you which you’ll think you might actually need. This isn’t a trip to college (where you’ll always have a lot of storage space), it’s a journey where carrying extra baggage might prove a massive headache in the long-term.

3. Get your vaccinations done

If you want to avoid contracting a deadly illness while traveling (and, let’s face it, why wouldn’t you?), your best course of action would be to do some research and discover what kind of shots you’re going to need before you travel.


1Cover strongly suggest not only checking which injections you’ll need, but also how long it takes for the shot to become viable and start working. It’s not a case of an instant-start for a lot of flu shots, so if you get them too late there’s the chance they won’t take effect before you reach your destination.

4. Tie up all loose ends at home

Yes, a lot of your nearest and dearest will probably know you’re headed off, but that doesn’t mean everyone will. While more casual acquaintances don’t necessarily need to be informed, official institutions like the bank or your cellular provider definitely need to be in the loop.

In the case of the bank, you might suddenly find your credit card cancelled if they start seeing you make a series of “suspicious” transactions overseas. This could prove to be a disaster if you’re in a spot where you need to pay for something pronto.

5. Budget

You may have accounted for the price of accommodation and travel, but have you seriously considered just how much you’ll be spending when you’re out there? The chances are you have a rough idea, but haven’t made any steps towards getting your ducks in a row.


Thomas Cook provide a holiday budget calculator which should give you a rough idea of just how much you’ll expect to spend, dependent on how many people are traveling, where you’re going, and how many nights you’ll stay there.

So next time the travel bug bites you…

As long as you prep in these five areas prior to your journey, you should find you’ll be more than ready for whatever your travels bring you.

Travel is proven to be good for your health, allowing you room to grow from a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical standpoint. Give yourself permission to go, and follow this comprehensive list of things every traveler should do before setting off to make your life considerably easier in the future!

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