Easily Discover Destinations Within Your Budget With New DESTIGOGO Destination Finder

I just came across this tool on Product Hunt and I am stoked to share it with you! The new getaway finder, DESTIGOGO, allows you to discover the best travel destinations that truly fit within your budget!

It’s just so simple and amazing. Here’s how DESTIGOGO works:

  1. Set your starting point
  2. Set how long you can or want to travel for
  3. Set your budget

You can end there and hit search, or you can further specify the type of getaway you’re looking to have. You can select that you’re chasing the sun or the snow, you want to head to the city or you’re out for an adventure, or maybe you’re keen for a road trip!

Further filtering allows you to specify travel by plane, car, or both, what month (or any month) you want to go, how far you’re willing to travel and if it’s one-way or return. You can also chose if you want to include accommodations in your budgeted travel results, and if there are any places you just don’t want to go (but why?!??).

To test, I just wanted to see where I could go for 3 days, from Boston, under $300. Here’s a screenshot of some of the results!

I can’t say I’ve ever been to Algonquin or Mississauga, but now I know I can get there cheap for a quick getaway! I’m sure if I upped the budget there would be some really cool long-weekend options.

But to say I’m in love with DESTIGOGO is an understatement. This is just such an awesome, helpful, simple, beautifully designed tool for frequent and impromptu travelers. Is that you?

If you are or want to be a little more spontaneous with when and where you travel, try out DESTIGOGO. Then I’d love to know where you went and how it went so be sure to follow up!


Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

Founder & Host

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