I’m Donating My Birthday to the Haiti Street Dog Project

The Haiti Street Dog Project is the first 501(c)(3) in Haiti dedicated to creating a long-term rescue, treat, and transport infrastructure for island’s many homeless, neglected, and abused dogs.

In July, I joined the team of now five directors working to get this worthwhile project off the ground. And now I am hoping that for my 25th birthday (which is on September 30th), we can raise some much needed funds to bring some much needed momentum to the project and help the dogs of Haiti!

Please show your support by donating whatever you can, every dollar counts. Thank you so much!

About the Haiti Street Dog Project


Our vision is to build animal shelters that will replicate across the island of Haiti. These habitats will ensure every department in Haiti has a method for controlling, caring for, and handling the street dogs.


Our mission is to improve the lives of Haitian street dogs by implementing a threefold plan that focuses on dog welfare, population management, and educational programs & services. This will be accomplished by utilizing the Haitian government, local veterinarians, and the Haitian community to develop sustainable infrastructure that will improve the future of the street dogs.


Along with a small team of animal lovers and Haitian veterinarians, the team’s initial goals are to begin with a single location to assist with animal control and animal health services, shelter, adoption, and rescue.

Learn more about Haiti Street Dog Project

Alexandria Ronzio
Alexandria Ronzio

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