#GivingTuesday—How You Can Join The Global Day Of Giving

We have Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but more importantly, there’s #GivingTuesday. On November 28th, support the causes you care about. Or if you can’t decide and need some inspiration, keep reading!

The Explore Inspired team picked four of our favorite non-profits doing great work to feature for #GivingTuesday this year. Each one is unique and different in their own way, and so worthy of anything you are willing to give.

Donate a little to all of them or find the one you connect with the most! Any amount helps to make a huge impact and every contribution is tax deductible. Double whammy!

Access Fund

Access Fund #GivingTuesday
Jonathan assessing his next move in a classic climb at Rumney Rocks

Category: Conservation


Do you love to climb or enjoy America’s natural landscapes? You aren’t alone. Our public lands are under attack and 1 in 5 climbing areas across the United States is threatened by an access issue.

A high population of climbers are starting to cause stress to our outdoor landscapes, and Mother Earth is taking on the wear and tear of the sport, losing the ability to recover naturally. This a problem that has a solution, and Access Fund is doing their part. Their mission is to protect climbing access (60% of which is on public lands) and the integrity of America’s outdoor climbing areas.

Access Fund’s approach is just as varied as the threats that exist. Their projects range from climbing advocacy to land acquisition and education. In 25 years, they have made over 25 Epic Saves that have shaped the course of American climbing.


Join Access Fund and protect the places you love to climb.

The Haiti Street Dog Project

Haiti Street Dog Project #GivingTuesday
Rescues from Haiti Street Dog Project

Category: Animal Welfare


The Haiti Street Dog Project is the only 501c3 nonprofit organization in Haiti with a mission to feed, protect, and advocate for homeless dogs. They are directing their energy to assist with animal control and health services.

In a short time, they have been able to start providing shelter, adoption, and rescue services. Do pups steal your heart? Check out Pika’s rescue story to see what this organization has been able to do!

The Haiti Street Dog Project has plans in place to build climate-friendly kennels and a functional farm to house stray dogs. Their goals include training dogs for special needs and providing adequate veterinary care.  As they continue to rescue dogs in Haiti, there is also a need to provide proper feeding and watering equipment. The list is endless.


Your donation helps more dogs in Haiti get the love and care they deserve.

High Tide Adventure

High Tide #GivingTuesday
Zip lining in Birmingham, AL this summer.

Category: Youth Development


High Tide was created with today’s youth in mind. Their mission is to provide adventure and community service opportunities for teens in order to help with personal growth.

They are giving adolescents a chance to challenge themselves in positive ways. Teens are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones and disconnect from technology. They have a chance to learn more about who they really are by climbing a rock wall for the first time or serving a meal to the homeless.

High Tide uses a service-learning approach and one-day and overnight trips are all part of High Tide’s programming. Each experience includes outdoor adventure, community service, and guided reflection. All opportunities come at no cost for the participants which opens a door for at-risk youth to have a chance to get involved too!


Sponsor a teen and jumpstart High Tide’s mentoring program with your donation.

Karma Project

Karma Project #GivingTuesday
Clothing & gear donation for Karma Project

Category: Communities


Many of us don’t realize the impact that tourism can have on a community. Karma Project does. They work to create locally owned, sustainable tourism companies in remote Himalayan villages. The project helps the entire tourism industry in Nepal by setting a new standard for fair treatment of workers. It reduces pollution across the country, and spurs much needed economic growth in the local communities. In turn, their pay can be put into education and other services desperately needed.

Currently, Karma Project is working on objectives that include providing medical scholarships for villagers to work as community doctors, they are providing top tier mountain guide training to locals interested in a career in guide services, and are also focused on such environmental issues like reducing deforestation and landslides.


Aid in continued projects and programs by donating today.


Join us for a global movement on #GivingTuesday!

Other note-worthy organizations to keep in mind for #GivingTuesday, throughout this season of giving, or to make part your year-long cause efforts, are:

  • Fin Free, who is working to stop the slaughter of over 100,000,000 sharks every year and protect the oceans along the way
  • Protect Our Winters is a team of activists, athletes, and outdoor industry brands mobilizing to lead the charge towards positive climate action
  • Outdoor Alliance, like Access Fund, is working to protect human-powered adventure on America’s public lands
These are just some organizations that align with our passions. What are yours? Where will you give?
Bethany Green
Bethany Green

Youth Inspired Coordinator

Co-founder of High Tide Adventure, a nonprofit crafting unique opportunities for today’s youth to develop leadership and social skills through adventure and service experiences.

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