Always Wanted To Try A Tough Mudder? Here’s Your Shot! For Free!

Explore Inspired teamed up with Old Spice to give away some great new products and a FREE ENTRY to a 2016 Tough Mudder!

I just got into adventure and obstacle racing this past year. I started going to an obstacle training class at my local rock gym because it seemed fun and it looked like great cross-training for climbing and mountaineering. Fast forward one year and I’m hooking on OCR (obstacle course racing)!

It’s insanely challenging, amazingly dirty, and outrageously fun! Plus, I’ve met some of the most incredible, inspiring, and motivating people in this sport. While everyone is of course competitive out there, everyone is also cheering for and helping one another throughout the whole ordeal. The sportsmanship and camaraderie is remarkable.

I never saw myself getting this into this sport, but after trying it, I absolutely love it. In fact, I’ll be competing with the Old Spice team in Kentucky’s June Tough Mudder, and by September I plan to have a Spartan Trifecta under my belt too. Also, if you didn’t know it already, in December I was cast to compete on NBC’s new reality series, Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge. That show premiers Monday June 13th on NBC and is going to be awesome!

One thing I’ve learned for certain is that obstacle racing is not just for elite athletes or military-hardened badasses. You’ll see people on theses courses from all walks of life, all age groups, all body sizes, and all levels of athleticism.

The most important thing to realize is that winning is not the goal. Pushing yourself harder than you’ve ever pushed before, doing what you thought you could never do, and going past whatever your personal level of “impossible” may have been, that’s the real goal!

So if you’ve ever thought about trying an obstacle race or mud run, now’s your chance to try it for free! The contest is simple. You can enter once with your email, or you can increase your chances and get lots more entries with a few simple follows and tweets!


It’s the Explore Inspired and Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Giveaway, and here’s what you get:

  • A lineup of Old Spice Hardest Working Collection products, including Lasting Legend Odor Blocker and Sweat Defense anti-perspirants, plus Dirt Destroyer body wash
  • FREE entry to a 2016 Tough Mudder race to test the limits of your new Old Spice swag
  • An awesome Old Spice t-shirt
  • A doubly awesome Explore Inspired t-shirt
  • A great gift from Tough Mudder partner Merrell
  • A signed photo from Lasting Legend Bob Giovanni himself
  • And an odor blocking trophy to manly up your mantle


Contest ends May 20th at 11:59pm. Enter today!


Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

Founder & Host

Founder, Explore Inspired | CMO, Trainual | Co-Host of The Stokecast Podcast | Mountain Athlete | Award-Winning Adventure Filmmaker | Keynote Speaker

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