The First Human Powered Circumnavigation of the Globe – Beyond The Horizon

Would you set out to circumnavigate the globe on nothing but human power? Could you? That’s exactly what National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Colin Angus and wife Julie did in Beyond The Horizon.

A nearly 2 year journey took Colin by bike and kayak through Alaska and across the Bering Sea, clear across the frozen waste of Siberia, and straight through Europe to the eastern shores of Portugal. There, girlfriend at the time Julie Wafaei would meet him, and the two would begin a 121 day rowing odyssey across the Atlantic ocean complete with a hurricane. Next? Colin continued by bicycle from Costa Rica back to his home in Alberta, Canada.

This little video recap will give you an idea of what to expect from the expedition, but the book takes it to the next level. A lot of next levels. And in fact, the book was a major inspiration for me coming up with the Between The Peaks expedition.

Be inspired and grab your own copy of Beyond the Horizon by Colin Angus.

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Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio


Adventure filmmaker/photographer, outdoor athlete, & speaker. Director, Between The Peaks. Founder & Chief Editor, Explore Inspired

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