Warning: This Film Might Make You Quit Your Job – 180 Degrees South

“Conquerers of the useless. That’s what we were! You learn that what’s important is how you got there, not what you’ve accomplished. – Yvon Chouinard”

In the Spring of 2011, my friend Jeff told me to watch “180 Degrees South: Conquerers of the Useless“. I don’t think he knew it would change my life so drastically. I was so unbelievably inspired by the ideas in this film and still am. The free-spirited call to open country. The dirtbag traveler’s lifestyle of seeking out pure fun and adventure on an innocent impulse. Just the notion of dropping everything to go where your heart wanted, and needed, to go. This movie was the inspiration for my Between The Peaks project.

If you’re feeling stuck, discontent, and unfulfilled, whether in school, your job, your relationship, or whatever… give this film a watch. Be ready to drop it all and go to find something in yourself that you can’t even imagine right now. Of course for most, this lifestyle is unsustainable. So make sure you’re thinking through the lens of leveraging your experiences for success upon your return. But still, just get there and have the crazy adventure you’ve always dreamed about. Set yourself free.

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Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

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