Peak Design Capture P.O.V. Review

From hands-free to handheld action videos in a snap, this is the Peak Design Capture POV Camera Clip.

In the past, I’ve raved about the convenience and usability of the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip. My first big outing with the Kickstarter success story was to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and I could not have been happier about having this new accessory along for the climb.

As I noted in my original review of the Capture clip, the ease of use and camera accessibility provided by the Peak Design clip is simply unmatched. I found myself taking exponentially more photos along the trek than I would have if I had to get through the ordeal of taking off my pack and digging out my carefully packed away DSLR each time a photo op struck.

Having my camera mounted securely to my left pack strap via the PD Capture Clip made all the difference. And the same is true with the Capture POV. It’s just the most perfectly convenient little camera accessory for making the most of your GoPro or similar POV action cam.

Switching from hands free to handheld is beyond simple, requiring the push of one quick button. I mostly used the POV mount for my GoPro Karma Grip to create a secure, body-mounted, stabilized point-of-view shot while walking and working around Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park.

The POV clip is well made as far as material quality goes and feels very sturdy, able to easily support the weight of a GoPro, the Karma Grip, or even switch out to toss my DSLR with zoom lens on it rather than have to switch clips.


  • Tough and sturdy but light and low-profile
  • There is a separate locking screw that can be tightened to eliminate any rattle when your camera is mounted and also acts as a failsafe preventing the release button from an accidental press
  • It comes with two different screw lengths to tighten down and strap to nearly any belt or pack strap
  • You’ll want one for every pack you use to make sure you never leave this clip at home!


  • I don’t have any so far. I’m truly stoked on this clip and all Peak Design products I’ve tried!


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