Peak Design’s “Give A Shot” Program Connects Outdoor Photographers with Environmental Non-Profits

Camera accessory maker Peak Design recognized a need in the non-profit market and found a pretty cool way to fill it with their Give A Shot program.

Peak Design, a member of both the Conservation Alliance and 1% for the Planet, makes my favorite camera accessories for travel and on-the-go adventure photography. I’ve previously written about Peak Design when reviewing their Capture POV and their amazing flagship product, the Capture Clip, but also worth noting is what they’re doing as a company committed to protecting the planet.

“We are a company of backpackers, skiers, climbers, surfers, animal lovers, and people lovers. We believe strongly in protecting our natural world, and that the health of our planet and people must not be compromised for the growth of our business.” – Peak Design

The latest venture into philanthropic purpose from this cool camera gear maker is their new Give A Shot project. Give A Shot is a new website aimed at connecting photographers and videographers willing to donate their time and talent to non-profits in need of visual content to support their inspirational efforts.

If you are a visual content creator and want to be a part of something meaningful, consider browsing the available projects on Give A Shot and see if there is a non-profit in need that interests you.

Of course, this is volunteer work and so production and travel costs are on you. But at the end of the project, after submitting photos and/or videos, know that you’ve helped out a great cause. Plus, depending on the scope of the work, you’ll get a gift card valued between $25-150 from Peak Design.

Also, if you haven’t tried out any Peak Design products yet, get started with a free gift when you spend $65 or more using the link below.

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