EP18 – Learning to Design Life on Your Terms, with Transition Coach Sanni McCandless

Sanni McCandless is a life and transition coach for outdoor-minded individuals seeking more intentional lifestyles, as well as the co-founder of the Outwild festival series.

On this episode learn how to embrace career and lifestyle changes, deal with vulnerability on display, and start asking yourself, “what is it that I want from life?”

Enjoy the show! And also, be sure to grab your tickets for Fall 2018’s Outwild Festival before ticket sales end!

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In this episode:

  • How to overcome mental barriers to start embracing transitions in your life or changes in your career
  • Lifestyle design and how much life experience do you need to be a life coach?
  • Believing in the power of connection to bridge the gaps in finding your calling
  • Knowing how to recognize when you’ve felt balance, and how to go back to that
  • Honing the mindset to turn failure into opportunity within a long-term vision
  • The importance of micro-challenges to boost your confidence
  • Vulnerability on display

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