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One activity everyone highly recommended to do while in Thailand was to take a cooking class, and they were absolutely right!

My husband and I had two priorities while we were on our honeymoon: to volunteer with the rescued elephants and to climb in Railay Beach. It wasn’t until friends of ours from the Elephant Nature Park had said they signed up for a cooking class, did we even think to do one as well. Sure enough, a few hours later we booked the same class with Siam Rice Thai Cookery School.

me frying up some delicious spring rolls

Types of Classes

There are many options for cooking classes around Thailand that range from 4 hours to 8 hours. The class we chose was 4 hours long. At first, it seemed like a long class to me but in reality time flew by.

The Market

First, they picked us up at our hotel and drove us all to a real outdoor Thai food market. There they showed us specialty foods often found in Thai dishes so we could identify them when we traveled home.

Thai Market featuring James

After about a half an hour of looking at all the interesting items in the market that included fried chicken beaks, zebra meat, and crunchy bugs, we all hopped in the truck and drove to the school.

Myself looking at the market items featuring Leo
Our friend Laurie exploring the Thai market


Once we were there we got to learn how to make our favorite Thai dishes, enjoy them, digest, and go back to make some more delicious food. I decided to make a Coconut Soup, Pad Thai, Spring Rolls, Pineapple Red Curry (warning-super spicy!), and Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango.

Chopping ingredients

I had more fun than I ever thought I would in a cooking class. We were constantly laughing and enjoying spending more time with friends from the park as well as making new friends in the class.

Friends laughing and enjoying the class

Our Instructor

Nancy, our instructor, was amazing! She made everything so much fun and the food was out of this world good. Going into the class as a vegetarian, I was nervous about the type of food we were expected to cook. She was extremely accommodating to me and my husband’s vegetarian wishes. When the recipe called for fish paste, she showed us how to use salt instead. If the recipe called for chicken, she had tofu ready to go. She had a “no worries” kind of vibe and the best sense of humor. (Not to mention her funny dirty jokes while making curry paste.)

Nancy on the right facing the class

Now granted, she helped us a lot  with figuring out portions and how much of which ingredient to put in but it was really easy to follow and surprisingly easy to make! I still couldn’t believe I made something taste so good!

Appropriate portions for the dish

Take Home

At the end of the class, we were so excited to share our knowledge about Thai cooking when we got home and of course brag about our Basic Thai Cooking Course diplomas! Totally fridge worthy! (Just kidding) But what I was most excited about was the entire recipe booklet we got to keep.

Jonathan’s Basic Thai Cooking Course diploma

Since the class, we have made some dishes to enjoy with friends. If you find yourself in Northern Thailand you should check out Siam Rice Thai Cookery School and tell Nancy I said Sawadee kha!

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