3 Reason to Relax and How the Smart Hammocks Camp Hammock Helped Me Out

I recently got my hands on a new Smart Hammocks camp hammock, and was beyond impressed. And super relaxed to boot! Which is rare for me…

I don’t take enough time to just chill. I’m always moving and doing something. My wife calls me “Momentum Man”… no joke. Because I feel like I’m wasting time if I just sit and do nothing. But sometimes, reluctantly, I know that’s exactly what I have to do. Rest is pretty crucial to a strong body and sharp mind. And when I do give myself the chance to lay down and do nothing, I have to admit, it’s pretty glorious!

What I love about camp hammocks like the Smart Hammocks product here, is that I can easily stash it in a pack for a run or a hike, or even when I’m heading out to work from a coffee shop, and in literally all of those scenarios, with the Smart Hammock I can force myself to stop, step away and chill. Just set up, and unwind. Clear the mind. Rejuvenate.


I’m writing this as a reminder to myself that it’s good (and necessary) to slow down from time to time. You may already be a pro at this, or maybe you’re like me and need the reassurance that sometimes, it’s okay to do nothing.

1.You Get Sicker Quicker Without Time To Destress

Stress is the silent killer. We all know it, but we don’t do enough about it. There’s no Truth commercials showing us what stress can do. There’s just before and after photos of Obama (no way do I want to be President…).

Constant stress will weaken your immune system, give you headaches, raise your blood pressure, cause muscle tension, and much more. Stress=bad. Simple as that. How do you ease stress? You slow down. You relax. You give your mind and body time to digest, reflect, and course correct.

2. Efficiency and Productivity Are Where It’s At

You just don’t need to work all the time. Really. The name of the game is work smarter, not harder. And the biggest life and work hack around, is pause life and stop work. At least for a short period of time.

This is true for your 9-5, your 7-7, or your all night library test cram fest. Breaks are healthy for the mind. You will actually retain more if you stop, step away, rest, and return, often.

3. Level Yourself

Want better control of your emotions? Want to not freak out when someone cuts into your lane, or because there’s mayonnaise on your burger?

When you’re tired or stressed, you simply have less conscious control over your emotional responses. But when you take the time to relax, you are able to better examine those taxing or frustrating situations and react less emotionally, and more strategically.


Smart Hammocks feature 16 triple stitched daisy chain loops on two 10-foot suspension straps, which means you’re in business to get your hammock on just about anywhere. And setting up is stupid simple. Seriously. Just loop the strap on a nearby tree (or any solid anchor point really), clip the hammock carabiner point to the loop on the daisy chain strap that both fits the length of your setup and your taut or sunken comfort preference, and that’s it. Kick back with your feet up and enjoy.

I’ve tried a couple camp hammocks in the past, and been disappointed with their attachment system. One of them I use now as a rain cover for the couch swing on my deck, and that’s it. It’s hammock duties have been relinquished due to failed ropes or cable attachments. The daisy chain is the difference, and that’s why I love Smart Hammocks.

Smart Hammocks are available in blue or green on Amazon for $50. You deserve some you time. Take a break.


Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

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