Teaming up with KEEN Footwear to Give Kids Shoes in Honduras

You can’t watch this video without smiling!

As part of the “Between The Peaks” documentary expedition, and while volunteering at The Leadership Center with Art for Humanity in Honduras, the team had the opportunity to provide a whole bunch of awesome kids shoes to the community of Los Valles.

KEEN Footwear’s “Create, Play, Care” mantra fit perfectly with the message of Between The Peaks, to pursue your dreams while making a positive difference along the way, and they were more than happy to help out! We, these kids, and their families could not have appreciated the support more.

An excerpt from the Between The Peaks blogs –

“One afternoon we had the opportunity to distribute over 40 pairs of shoes donated by our sponsor, KEEN Footwear. It was one of the most fulfilling and touching moments along our journey. We hiked the 45 minutes to Los Valles’ elementary school with a group also working at TLC from Seattle, Washington. They were helping construct a new student dorm on campus, and were an awesome, friendly bunch.

Once reaching the school, the children lined up and had the opportunity to pick out the pair of shoes that fit their fancy. There were hikers, sandals, tennis shoes, walking shoes, stylish suede shoes…you name it, KEEN Footwear gave it! Kids were walking up with holes in the tips of their shoes, toes dragging along the ground.

Some had shoes way to small, and stories of devastating family losses and no income to purchase new shoes in a place where everyone walked many kilometers in order to get anywhere. To see the smiles that those kids gave us once they had a fresh, new pair of KEEN’s in their hands…man I don’t even know how to describe it. What a feeling.

Simply, pure joy to help out a child with something that would be so useful to them. Thanks, KEEN, for providing the goods! It’s a moment, such as many along our volunteering efforts, that will never be forgotten.

We finished out the afternoon looking on as the children ran around in their new shoes, playing futbol, and being taught new games by the Seattle volunteers. Literally everyone seemed to be sporting a smile from ear to ear and laughing as the sun began to set and that soft, pastel glow of an approaching evening began to engulf our surroundings. All seemed right in the world.”

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