Whiteout Winter Camping in Iceland with Explore Inspired

Explore Inspired, beyond the blog, is an invite-only expedition series.

The invite part being rooted in being able to curate tent-mates on expeditions who will match each other’s levels of awesomeness. Who can teach each other, help each other, and positively influence one another in both life and business ventures.

The idea is to bring some of the most amazing, motivated, driven, and badass people in the world, to some of the planet’s most extreme places. Kind of like an adventure accelerator group. Or the world’s craziest mastermind series.

Because nothing creates bonds like adventure. Real adventure. When you have to solve problems and find the way together.

One of the Explore Inspired expeditions took us to Iceland this past December.

The thing about these trips, is they’re the anti-tour really. Sometimes, like in the case of the Iceland trip, we’re going to places that I’ve never been. And very intentionally, we’re going with no real plan or itinerary.

I tell people going in, that if there are certain sights you want to see, or famous things you want to do, go book yourself another trip. A tour. Because with Explore Inspired, the beauty is in the unknown.

Of course I do some research beforehand and come up with a general direction and idea of what might happen, but you never really know. And with Iceland, as expected, or more unexpected, the semi-plan went way out the window.

To find out what happened on the Iceland Expedition, read the full story on Stranded On Land.

Explore Inspired
Explore Inspired

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