5 of My Favorite New Travel Tools

I’m always on the hunt for new travel tools and apps that make travel planning and discovery just a little easier, more interesting, more accessible, or more fun! And a few times each year, I do a roundup of my favorites.

While my ice axes do love a good file, and I have a blast using a saw, those aren’t the tools I’m talking about! Here are 5 of the most unique and helpful new travel tools I’ve come across recently –




Journey, a new app that aims to connect travelers based on shared experiences, is the brainchild of professional skier, Olympic Silver Medalist, 4x World Champion, Gus Kenworthy. Aside from his pursuits in the skiing world, Gus is perhaps more famous for his efforts to save the street dogs of Sochi during the 2012 Winter Olympics.

Now, co-founder and creative director of Journey, Gus and team are building a unique kind of networking app. The concept is that Journey uses geotags from locations and stories to connect you with people who have been the same places, and shared the same sorts of experiences. The idea being, it is our stories that make us and our stories that connect us. It’s a great idea and I’m exited to see where this journey is headed!



Tripomatic is a super simple, straightforward, map-based travel planner. Just as easy to use in the browser as the app, and impressively comprehensive in search results for places, tours, and hotels. As they say, discover, plan, and enjoy!



What matters most to you when booking flights? Is it cheap fares? Maximizing frequent flyer miles and points? Less layovers? Tripstreak listens to your preferences and learns. A personalized travel search engine that find the results that matter most to you. For me, it’s maximizing my points and miles, and for that, Tripstreak is an all-star!

In fact, they’re the only flight search engine that shows you how many awards miles, status miles, and segments there are for each possible flight. When you travel as often as I do, and are constantly hacking rewards and miles to travel on the cheap or for free as often as possible, a service like this is a wonderful thing.



Last year, I wrote a post about some of the best co-working spaces for nomadic entrepreneurs. I’ve since come across Workfrom. In over 300 cities and counting, Workfrom connects digital nomads with the coffee shops, cafes, bars, desks, and offices they need to get work done while on the road. While not on my original list, this is currently sitting at the top of it for me. I’ve been loving the user interface of Workfrom. So easy to use, and to find whatever kind of space you need in most any place you go!

Traveling Spoon


Food brings family together. Always has and always will. Some of my best memories from my travels are meal-centric experiences and I think that most globe trotters would say the same! Traveling Spoon hooks you up with a home cooked meal when your thousands of miles from home. That’s a beautiful thing. Experience the culture and the culinary delicacies of local life “off the eaten path.”

Make sure to check out the travel resources page to see which new travel tools, apps, and companies are my 100% go-to essential services every time I plan a trip or am on the go! And check back often because I’m always looking to next best thing.

If you have a super useful favorite travel tool that I haven’t covered yet, let me know about it in the comments below. Cheers and happy trails!


Jonathan Ronzio

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