Check Out This Music Video Filmed At A Popular New Hampshire Climbing Crag

Every been to Rumney Rocks? Located in Rumney, New Hampshire, about 2 hours north of Boston, it’s an amazing place to explore! The hillside is loaded with some of the country’s premier sport climbing crags with grades ranging from 5.3 to 5.15a.

For climbers in the Northeast, it’s a super accessible sea of schist. And for the rest of the world, it’s another reason to visit New England in the fall!

For my friends in Boston-based rock band, The Wild Waiting, Rumney Rocks was just the place to capture the dreamy vibe of child-like wonder and exploration that their single “All My Life” epitomizes. Bassist, Bobby Washburn, has been a good friend and song collaborator of mine for a long time, and I thought this music video was super well done and deserved some shared stoke!

Give it a watch and get a feel for what Rumney Rocks, and The Wild Waiting, are all about! New Hampshire really is a beautiful place…


Jonathan Ronzio

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