How To Develop A Motivational Mindset

Walking off the summit of Mount Shasta last weekend, I noticed something remarkable.

I turned back to my friend Jake and talked about how quickly your mindset shifts from one of seeking guidance, advice, and information from others (who have summited and are descending) on your way up, to being the one offering motivational support and cheering others on, as you descend.

As soon as you accomplish something, you experience a 180 in attitude as you retrace the steps it took to get there. And are only then able to motivate others. That’s what this episode is all about.

The 3 phases of developing a motivational mindset.

  1. You have to first ATTEMPT.
  2. Next, you ACCOMPLISH.
  3. And you must always ACCEPT.

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Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

Founder & Host

Founder, Explore Inspired | CMO, Trainual | Co-Host of The Stokecast Podcast | Mountain Athlete | Award-Winning Adventure Filmmaker | Keynote Speaker

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