Learning To Chase The Peaks In Life

“The peaks we chase are rarely about the final destination. Instead, it’s about the journey to get there.” Russ Perry recaps his Explore Inspired experience.

Mount Shasta is a 14,180′ active ice-covered volcano in the southern Cascade range of Northern California. Taking on this objective was unlike anything Arizona-native Russ had ever tried before. But he decided to “book the ticket” and dive head first into this adventure, understanding how transformational these experiences can be.

There were wrong turns, cold hands, bouts of AMS, but one sweet sweet summit and memories for a lifetime.

Watch the video to see what the journey was like and then decide what your next peak is! (metaphorical or literal…) And if you need help getting there, that’s what Explore Inspired is for 

For more from Russ, visit:

If you’re looking to climb Mount Shasta on your own (we did the Avalanche Gulch route), you’ll find the following links helpful:

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Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

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