EP05 – Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich Talks Pushing Past Fear & Silencing The Critics

This week on The Stokecast – Caroline Gleich

Professional ski mountaineer, adventurer, environmental and social activist, Caroline Gleich is not shy about battling demons.

Whether those demons are social media stalkers and trolls, or her internal voice of fear and insecurity, Caroline has become a champion of creating an open and honest dialogue around tackling personal and professional obstacles head-on.

Her unshakable positivity coupled with her drive to push limits in the mountains while protecting the places we play, make Caroline a powerhouse of inspiration that we were stoked to have on The Stokecast!

In this episode, we chat about skiing, mountaineering, and training for an ultra-marathon, as well as the importance of humbling yourself with new challenges as a way to overcome personal and professional struggles.

Connect with Caroline on Instagram, follow her activity on Strava, and learn more about her adventures and pursuits at CarolineGleich.com

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