EP06 – Power Company Climbing Founder Kris Hampton On His Journey From Rap Songs To Rock Walls

This week on The Stokecast – Kris Hampton

Father, climber, emcee, coach, Kris Hampton, reflects on his rise from rapper to rock climber to business owner and content creator.

Kris in the gym spotting a climber | Photo: Brian Flick

Kris, known also by his rap handle, “Odub,” is a multi-faceted climber who spent decades honing his skills in trad, sport, and bouldering, as well as being a student of movement through gymnastic pursuits.

His journey wasn’t always easy, and certainly, wasn’t always focused. In this episode, Kris recounts some of the most transformational experiences of his life, specifically when he learned to let go of ego in lieu of finding fulfillment in more personal challenges.

Once Kris seemingly got out of his own way, the pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. And his friends taking note of his success, starting asking for training plans. Power Company Climbing was born.

He approached building the blog, podcast, and coaching company with the same promotional tactics that an underground hip-hop artist might use to get a tape heard, and learned to nurture an underserved niche.

Kris has now trained thousands of climbers all over the world and dedicates himself to helping others break past their personal barriers, both mental and physical. That is, when he’s not working on his own climbing projects or spending time with his family – for which he says scheduling is the key to keeping balanced.

Kris and daughter Kaitlynn | Photo: Becca Skinner

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