EP04 – How Semi-Rad’s Brendan Leonard Turned His Passions Into Art That Pays

This week on The Stokecast – Brendan Leonard

On episode 4 of The Stokecast, Semi-Rad creator Brendan Leonard shares his story of developing a brand voice for the everyday adventurer and turning his passions into art that pays.

With Semi-Rad.com, Brendan has dedicated his life to speaking to the simple joys of being regular in outdoor pursuits, focusing on the quirks and commonalities of experiences we share.

“I’ve never done interviews, I’ve never written anything anybody sent me a press release about. It’s just, ‘how can you be that fun thing or that thoughtful thing in somebody’s inbox on Thursday.’ I’ve written one blog a week since February 2011, every Thursday, never missed it, and you’re not gonna hit a home run every time, but if you do something that is your best that week, hopefully it will resonate with some people.”

Learn how Brendan got his start, taking the leap from corporate life into the freelance world and eventually turned the side-hustle into the full-time paycheck all while climbing, biking, adventuring, and having fun. Also, Brendan weighs in on why he believes the concept of balance is BS.

For more from Brendan, check out Semi-Rad.com and follow his stories on Instagram.

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