EP30 – How To Achieve Massive Results This Year (Goal-Setting Frameworks)

How do you go about setting and working toward your goals?

In the first episode of 2019, Emily and Jonathan talk through their biggest goals for the New Year and break down the strategies they each employ to set out confidently towards realizing some seemingly massive dreams.

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Jonathan’s Goals/Notes:

  • Body
    • Fitness/Fuel Routine: Get in a sweat after wake up. Drink a green smoothie.
    • Goals: Run a 50k. Climb another epic mountain (maybe Pico de Orizaba, Cotopaxi, or Alpa Mayo). Ski 10 times this season.
  • Balance
    • Partner/Posterity Routine: Morning love notes. Text a friend or family member.
    • Goals: Weekly Date Nights. Land an axel on figure skates in a year.
  • Being
    • Meditation/Memoirs Routine: 10 minutes using Headspace. Journal meditation reflections.
    • Goals: Record and release an album.
  • Business
    • Discover/Declare Routine: Listen to a podcast or read a chapter in a book. Share a lesson learned to social media.
    • Goals: Grow The Stokecast 10x. Get Trainual to 3,000 users.
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Emily’s Goals/Notes:

  • #1 – More Quality Time
    • Of course with family and friends
    • Also, personal pursuits… Quality of any time spent
  • #2 – Big Physical Pursuits
    • Run a 50k
    • Up the rock climbing game before moving to CO
    • Finish climbing the New Hampshire 4,000-footers
  • #3 – Keeping An Open Mind & Heart
    • Listen to new podcasts and read a new book every month or more
    • Let new friends in

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Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

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