28-Year-Old Janey Lowes Quit Her Job and Dedicated Herself to Saving Sri Lanka Street Dogs

28-year-old dog-lover and vet, Janey Lowes, was shocked when she witnessed the sad state of stray dogs on her 2014 trip to Sri Lanka. Heart-broken and wanting to help, she took a leap of faith.

Janey up and moved to Sri Lanka and set up WECare Worldwide with the mission of improving the conditions of life for the over 3 million street dogs in the country. To date, she has helped save the lives of over 5,000 animals.

Want to support Janey in her mission to provide much needed veterinary care, love, and compassion to Sri Lanka street dogs? Consider donating to or volunteering with WECare.

Thank you Janey. You’re an inspiration as to the change that can be made in this world when you simply care enough to commit!

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