Our 7 Favorite Instagram Adventurers You Probably Don’t Know

Adventure inspiration is not difficult to come by these days. You don’t need a magazine subscription, or really even the ability to read. You just need Instagram to find the most breathtaking images of our wild world and the people pushing their limits in it.

There’s a substantial amount of aspiring adventurers, mountain sport athletes, travel writers, and landscape photographers on Instagram these days, and it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new channels. Of course, some really do stand out by crafting a very consistent feeling and high-quality personal brand. We wanted to help narrow down your search for awesome today.

The following 7 folks are a few of our favorite Instagram adventurers. The ones inspiring us every day with their zest for life and dedication to get the most out of it! With follower counts ranging from 200 to 30k, these accounts are just really taking off and you can get in as an early enough follower to really connect and get to know some very cool people.

Our Seven Follow Worthy Instagram Adventurers:



Brad Unglert, born and raised in Aspen, CO, is exactly what you’d picture of someone born and raised in Aspen. He’s an absolute badass skier and climber, all-around genuine dude, and his life purpose is to have a good time. Follow Brad for your seasonal display of epic ski descents and serious rock wall sending.



Chris Shane is quickly becoming one of the Northeast’s premier adventure photographers and his growing Instagram community is the proof in the pudding. You can find this alpinist shooting Northeast Mountaineering clients up and down New Hampshire’s icy couloirs, or maybe up in northern Maine’s Baxter State Park, capturing the aurora over Katahdin.



Rachel Moore has a serious eye for the shot. We just came across her feed recently and simply couldn’t stop scrolling. She’s a talented photographer and adventurer currently traveling the world on a 42ft sailboat named Agape. Follow Rachel for a great mix of travel, climbing, diving, sailing, and modeling.



TJ David is another Aspen boy and a really fun feed to follow. This plant-based professional skier is attracted to human powered pursuits and adventures with purpose. That’s why he’s also a part of the Between The Peaks team heading to Denali in June. Expect gnarly ski lines, epic powder shots, and humble motivations from TJ.



Anett’s feed here is a new find for us and we love it for the simple purity and love of climbing that shines through every post. At 272 followers, of course, she’s just getting going, but we are definitely impressed with her climbs and her spirit so far!



Tim Burke is an all-star adventure photographer, Bostonian based in Seattle, and seemingly always on the move. Tim’s feed is full of outrageously impressive astral photography, giant planes, and vagabond motorcycle adventures. Big machines, big mountains, lots of beer, and usually hilarious commentary along the way. You can order some great prints from his Facebook page too.



Aaron is not a world-class soccer player, but we don’t fault him for that. What he is though, is a rad photographer! Aaron has quite a style to his images and after one quick scroll through his feed, you’ll see what we mean. There’s a certain subtlety to the grandeur of subjects he captures that leaves you waiting for the next. Definitely worthy of tapping follow!


benjibuddyOk, this one is to make the wife happy. But, if you do love dogs, and want to follow a funny little cattle dog/beagle mix, Benji (and Alexandria) would welcome the love 🙂

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