A Guide to All The Knots You Need to Know

Knowing your knots can be the difference in living or dying. Seriously. From climbing to camping, fishing to sailing, rope work practice and knot knowledge can make all the difference.

Last May I flew down to Mississippi for a little weekend sailing adventure. My good friend Grant had just bought a small sailboat and our plan was to take it on its inaugural overnight voyage from the shores of Ocean Springs to the Gulf’s Barrier Islands. I had never been sailing before…

What I soon learned after setting sail was that my background as a climber, and having a solid knowledge base of knots and ropes, made me a pretty damn good sailor right out the gate! In fact, I was able to tie myself a makeshift rope harness and safely (kind of) climb the 20-foot mast to retrieve our lost jib line. No problem!

Where we ran into a problem was the tornado warning and lightning storm on our second day at sea! But luck was on our side, and apart from that insanity, my first sailing adventure was a huge success largely due to going into it with a knowledge of knots.

Whether you are headed to the open ocean, the mountain crags, or the nearest rock gym, this instructional infographic from PT Winchester is worth spending some time with. Master these knots and bring peace of mind with you on your next big adventure!


Know Your Knots Infographic


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