Between The Peaks Is Back with the Project Reboot In “BTP:Expedition Denali”

In the follow-up short to the original “Between The Peaks,” the team embarks on their quest to finish writing their original story by climbing North America’s highest peak: Denali.

This coming June, in addition to their vertical adventure, the boys aim to address and support environmental issues affecting both local regions of Alaska and communities as far reaching as the Himalayas by working with international NGO, Karma Project, and Anchorage-based, Alaska Wilderness League.

The permits and plans are set and the team will be in Alaska from June 4th through July 4th, 2017 giving them more than three weeks on the mountain to ensure a successful summit bid, and time before and after the climb to properly prepare and work with NGO partners in Anchorage.

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“Between The Peaks” began as an award-winning adventure film and continues as a group of friends dedicated to inspiring others to reach for their dreams while making a difference. The essence of the name is that the real story isn’t in the summits you bag or the checks on your list, but it’s what happens along the way. Who you meet, what you learn, how you give back, and how you grow.

Our stories though rooted in a quest for adventure, on a deeper level are about the pursuit of discovering purpose through passion and positive impact. Together, our aim is to inspire a community of amazing adventurers to positively impact the world throughout their pursuits.

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