Icelandair Stopover Buddy Promo Lets You Tour Iceland Up to 7 Days Free

At the start of 2016, something big came out of Iceland. No, not another eruption, but a pretty serious travel deal! 

Icelandair launched a package giving transatlantic passengers the option to stay in Iceland for up to seven days, for free, and have a complimentary tour guide to boot!

Deemed the “Stopover Buddy” package, travelers can match up with an Icelandair employee who will accompany them, free of charge, during a stopover stay in Iceland.

Stopover Buddy guides will take you around the island, exploring and enjoying activities ranging from simple sight-seeing tours to heli-skiing and horseback-riding. Of course, the activities you’ll pay for. But a free guide and a free stay can’t be beaten!

I’d say that’s another big win for the experience economy! More and more, travel companies and service providers are taking notice that we, the travelers, the wanderlusting adventure seekers, are out there craving genuine exploratory experiences.

It’s not just about getting from point A to point B, as fast or as cheap as possible anymore. It’s about what you might find along the way, and how much you can experience in whatever short time you have to get away.

So if you’re planning a Eurotrip in the near future, maybe think about booking with Icelandair and take advantage of their Stopover program. It would be crazy not to!

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