My Love Affair With The Patagonia Ascensionist Pack

A lot of people ask me for tips on how and what to pack when traveling. They’re looking for my “I don’t go anywhere without this…” answer. Well, here it is. The Patagonia Ascensionist Pack 35L. This is the absolute best backpacking pack.

Whether your a serious climber, or a wanderlusting backpacker, I recommend you try out the Ascensionist Pack.

It’s my absolute favorite do-everything travel pack. It’s ridiculously comfortable, near weightless, totally simple, and looks sweet too! Nothing but the essentials really—space and functionality. No, there’s no slot for a water bladder hose. No, there’s no outside bottle holders. And no, there’s no laptop or camera compartments. But seriously, whether I’m out for a 5-mile run, a multi-day ice climbing trip, a weekend getaway, or two weeks of backpacking through Europe, the Ascensionist is my go-to for exactly those reasons…

Simplicity. The waist strap is removable, and so is the aluminum frame with trampoline mesh. Though, I’ve never taken out either because I think the back support and waist strap are so low profile and comfy, I don’t have reason to.

This thing doesn’t dictate how you pack or what you bring. It’s just a wonderfully built compartment that you can synch down, expand, and fill with everything you could need!

In relation to that, this pack is the absolute perfect size for packing only what you need. Read my post, What I Learned From Packing Too Much and Losing It All, for a short lesson in learning to pack light!

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The last awesome bonus? It’s a really safe travel pack. If you find yourself backpacking in a place where pickpockets and petty theft is prevalent, you’ll be thankful that the Ascensionist Pack has no easily accessed outer zip compartments. Nothing. Instead, you’ve got a super safe double synch down top loader.

I really can’t say enough about how awesome the Patagonia Ascensionist Pack is. It’s in my opinions, the best backpacking pack, and I recommend it to anybody who enjoys travel, the outdoors, efficiency, and simplicity!


Jonathan Ronzio

Jonathan Ronzio
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