After 30 Countries, Here Are My Top 3 Travel Tips

1) Don’t over plan

Too much planning means too little adventure. It’s great to have a general idea of where you’re going, and not be completely clueless in a foreign place, but don’t be too rigid in planning your destinations and activities.

Leave room to explore the awesomeness that the world has to offer by taking wrong turns, asking locals for recommendations, and grabbing opportunities as they comes at you!

2) Disconnect to connect

You want to limit your contact with the world back home and the world of social media, but where you are, be absurdly social. Smile at everybody. Say hello to everybody. Talk to everybody. There’s no worse way to travel than to keep to yourself. The lone-wolf vagabond, only out for Instagram pics, is not who you want to be.

They can be hard habits to break, that awkward moment of walking toward somebody and trying not to make eye contact, or not looking at your phone when you’re sitting alone in a bar, but when you commit to keeping your head up, locking eyes, smiling, and saying hello, the world is a friendlier place.

3) Pack light, but always have these 3 things with you

Extra cash. Credit cards are surprisingly useless in a lot of the world’s coolest places. Cash is still king on the road, and it will save you in so many instances.

Portable charger. I don’t go anywhere without my Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Kit. Phone, GoPro, e-reader, GPS, or whatever small gadgets you bring along, it keeps them going when you’re nowhere near an outlet. A total must have.

Camera. There’s a balance you have to find between living in the moment, and documenting your travels. You don’t want the camera in front of your face at all times because you want to truly experience where you are. But you never ever want to come home from a trip without anything to look back on. Memories are wonderful, but they fade. Make sure to document how you feel, who you meet, and what you learn.


Jonathan Ronzio

Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan Ronzio

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