EP15 – SheLift Founder Sarah Herron Shares Her Journey From The Bachelor To Self-Love Superstar

Sarah Herron was born without the lower half of her left arm but that hasn’t stopped her from living out some of life’s greatest adventures, looking for love on The Bachelor, finding it within herself, starting a non-profit, and helping others with limiting beliefs learn to love themselves and accomplish more than they ever felt capable of.

We loved our chat with Sarah and are sure you will to! Listen now and learn how to love what makes you, you, as well as how to turn your insecurities into your superpowers and an idea into a sellable product. Powerful stuff here!

On this episode:

  • The importance of challenging self-limiting beliefs
  • Providing spaces for women who are living with physical differences
  • What it takes to found a non-profit
  • How women and young girls need more communities to discover confidence and self-esteem
  • The healing nature of the outdoors
  • Tapping into mentors as much as possible
  • When to give all of yourself to your passions and make a leap of faith

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Emily Holland
Emily Holland

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Lover of all things outside. My life is mountains, rocks, running, dogs, fitness, & music. NY born, Boulder-based.

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