EP23 – Learning To Nurture The Narrative Of Your Life, With Pro Climber Sam Elias

Feature photo credit: Jason Nelson @visualadventures
Professional climber, skier, reader and tale-teller, “human being in process,” Sam Elias takes to The Stokecast to chat with Emily and Jonathan about soulful pursuits of mind and body, nurturing your life’s narrative, finding family, and trusting how you feel inside.

On this episode:

  • Life as an athlete and body breakdowns (6:30)
  • Selfishness vs Selflessness (8:20)
  • When to put in the work and when to let it ride (11:15)
  • What can happen once you develop a wisdom about yourself (17:00)
  • Float spas, sensory deprivation, and Get Out (21:45)
  • How climbing transformed Sam’s life (24:00)
  • Sam’s relationship with his real family, his climbing family, and the gap between (25:40)
  • The path to becoming a professional climber, via collecting outdoor industry work experience while building skillsets and a network (28:30)
  • Advertising and selling yourself – the behind the scenes work of an athlete (38:45)
  • Rooted: Climbing Lebanon – Sam’s exploratory documentary connecting family, the middle east, and climbing (44:00)
  • Sam’s top book recommendation (54:00)
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