EP24 – Lindsey Richter On Overcoming The Fear-Based Mindset

Feature photo credit: Katie Sox
On episode 24 of The Stokecast, Ladies AllRide Founder and Director of Inspiration, Survivor survivor, Lindsey Richter, joins us to chat about how to overcome your fear-based mindset and learning to change the thoughts that just don’t serve you.
  • “No bad weather, just bad gear” – Why where Lindsey grew up helped nurture her tolerance for suffering (6:30)
  • Learning how to choose your attitude and create your own sunshine (11:00)
  • Why Lindsey took to mountain biking as a way to get her fitness back (14:00)
  • Surviving “Survivor” and the reality TV fallout (15:30)
  • Coping with all the faces of fame (27:00)
  • The difference between physical and emotional pain and how to deal with both (32:00)
  • How sport helps humans change thoughts that don’t serve them (38:00)
  • Why Emily is afraid of mountain biking (41:00)
  • Lindsey’s inspirations for founding Ladies AllRide camps (42:00)
  • What STOKE means to Lindsey (56:00)
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Lindsey demonstrating a wheelie over an obstacle at a Ladies AllRide camp | Photo: Joe Brush

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Bonus! Catch Lindsey at 3:21 in Eminem’s Without Me video!


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  1. Thank you for this interview. I recently heard about ladies allride but listening to Linsdey’s infectious and blatant honesty about her own struggles and how passionate she is about helping women through mountain biking strikes a chord. I love mountain biking. It was a hard won win for me later in life and now I am so grateful mountain biking found me. I am so focused when I am mountain biking it is like an intense meditation where I have to release all of my problems in order to be fully in the moment. I cannot wait to take one of her camps. Keep doing what you are doing, I can’t wait to hear some of your other guests.

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