Stop Planning Your Trip. Instead, Get Lucky, With LuckyTrip

Obviously, impromptu, roll-with-it adventure, is a serious value of mine here at Explore Inspired. I believe too much planning is the killer of exploration and authentic travel experiences. That’s why I was totally psyched to come across LuckyTrip.

LuckyTrip, voted one of Apple App Store’s Best of 2015, is a free mobile app that allows you to discover inspiring travel ideas in a single tap. It truly is simple as one click. Set your travel budget, tap the ‘Lucky’ button, and bam! There’s your next potential adventure.

The suggestions are broken down into travel, accommodation, and activities, and if you didn’t find what you didn’t know you were looking for, just re-tap the ‘Lucky’ button and get a new trip idea. I absolutely love this concept and recommend you give it a shot. It’s honestly an app version of the Explore Inspired philosophy. Just giving up control and accepting whatever comes at you!

Check this out –

Stop planning and get Lucky. To learn more about LuckyTrip, go to their site, or *download the app!

*currently only available in the UK App Store


Jonathan Ronzio

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