What’s On Your Hitlist? Get There With This Amazing New Travel App

If you’re anything like me, flight finder apps are running in the background of your iPhone as often as your messages and email. You’re always wondering where you can take off to, when, and for how cheap. And if you’re not careful, you’d be in the air more than Shaq’s free-throws.

Well, just to feed your addiction…

Enter Hitlist.

Hitlist is a new flight finder app that breaks down possible travel opportunities into bucketed roundups of experience suggestions. What the hell does that mean? Think about browsing flights by clicking on “Weekend Getaways,” or “Mediterranean Vacation,” and even getting so targeted as to suggest trips for “St. Patrick’s Day,” or to “SXSW.” That’s all within the trips tab. Click on over to “Explore” and you’ll see things like “Where You Can Travel Without a US Passport,” and “The Craziest Party Hostels.” These curated getaway suggestions, when paired with the dirt cheap flights to get you there, are game-changers!

Start by downloading the free app, set your home airport, and then your off! I just clicked on the “Best for Photography” tab and saw that I could fly round-trip from Boston to Los Cabos, spending 8 days in Mexico to kickoff the month of May for $401! A round-trip flight Boston to Oslo, Norway for $275 doesn’t sound horrible either! Definitely something to consider…


It looks like most of the flight deals are found through integrating Skyscanner, (an incredible search engine with a great app itself), but Hitlist goes a step further, making the search results visual in a very compelling way. And curating experience suggestions around cheap flights is just downright addicting.

For the travel tech nerds and digital nomads like me, Hitlist also developed a sweet little Chrome plugin called the “Wandertab.” Every time you open a new tab in your Chrome browser, you’ll see a new potential adventure that’s only a few clicks away from becoming reality. Genius. And dangerous.

So, what’s on your Hitlist? Santorini? Budapest? Let the exploration commence.


Jonathan Ronzio

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