EP26 – Joe Kudla On Scaling Vuori Clothing to 8-Figures in 5-Years

Vuori Clothing founder, Joe Kudla, shines light on the personal story behind the epic rise of one of today’s fastest growing athleisure apparel brands.

The episode play-by-play:

  • Interview kickoff with Joe (03:45)
  • Joe’s roots and learning to love outdoor pursuits (04:35)
  • Climbing California 14-ers (08:30)
  • Lessons learned from the mountains that translate to the business world (10:50)
  • Founding Vuori – evaluating market opportunity, distribution strategies, and pivot points (13:30)
  • Product development and apparel design process (21:15)
  • Deciding to go for it. The “quit” moment and raising capital (28:25)
  • Venturing beyond e-commerce and into Vuori retail (33:55)
  • Launching with men’s wear and expanding into women’s markets (37:00)
  • Why you should try an ice bath (41:25)
  • How demands change over time as you grow a business and team (47:00)
  • Joes’ advice for finding inspiration around you to get started on your own entrepreneurial path (53:00)
  • How a change meeting with an intuitive changed the course of Joe’s life (54:30)
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Episode Notes:

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Jonathan rocking some Vuori shorts in the Philippines…


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