EP21 – Ski Mountaineer, Author, Activist, Mother, Kit Deslauriers, On Giving Yourself Room To Dream & Time To Grow

Kit Deslauriers is a Jackson-hole based ski mountaineer, the first person in the world to ski off the top of the highest mountain on each of the seven continents (famed Seven Summits), an author, speaker, activist, and mother. That’s quite the impressive resumé and we were honored to chat with Kit for episode 21 of The Stokecast!
Kit skiing off the top of Mount Everest in 2006 | Photo: Jimmy Chin

In this episode:

  • How Kit got her infamous Jackson Hole Airforce Patch (6:30)
  • Kit’s career background (as a stone mason) and the steps that brought her to her life as a pro skier (12:18)
  • Kit’s first ski expedition…in SIBERIA (14:00)
  • How Kit’s husband Rob Deslauriers’ pursuits helped guide and sharpen her own focus in mountains and business
  • Setting a goal to ski the Grand Teton and how she made it happen (25:20)
  • When and why to delay your decisions… tattoo talk (29:50)
  • Focusing on the journey, not the outcome (37:40)
  • Starting a family after skiing off Everest (39:00)
  • Balancing life with kids and her first trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (43:38)
  • Combining ice science and aerial photogrammetry while skiing in the Arctic wilds (54:15)
  • Kit’s Hill to Hill virtual reality project with Brody Leven, POW, and Duct Tape Then Beer (1:00:52)
  • Skiing Greenland with Jimmy Chin (1:07:30)
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 Kit Deslauriers and Jimmy Chin Skiing in Greenland:

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