Margo Hayes Makes History as the First Female Climber to Send a 5.15a

American climber Margo Hayes has become the first woman to climb a 5.15a, sending La Rambla in Spain.

Margo, only 19 now, has been climbing since she was 10 years old and making waves in the industry for nearly as long. From winning numerous youth climbing competitions to putting up record ascents like Colorado’s Bad Girls Club 5.14d last year, Margo is now on The North Face team and is certainly doing her part to narrow the gender gap in climbing.

An inspiration with humble motivations, Margo teaches us what it means to pursue a passion. “It doesn’t matter what the grade is. If it’s a beautiful line, and it excites you, then you should just go for it.” And she is definitely going for it. Get it girl!

In the short film below, watch Margo Hayes effortlessly boulder V10’s in Joe’s Valley, Utah, while talking about why to watch out for girls coming up in rock climbing.

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