Ronzio and The Freedom Trail Runners on NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

The Freedom Trail Runners are Spartan Elite Captain, Anna “Momstrong” Arsenault, Jonathan Ronzio, John Langan, Kristen Haldeman, and Mary Ann Belarmino.

The Slip Wall, dubbed “The Great Equalizer” by Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, is the shows most challenging and most popular obstacle. Shown from the sidelines here, are The Freedom Trail Runners as they fight hard to conquer the wall and finish off their race heat down on the Chatahoochee Hill, GA course.

There were teams that could not even complete the Slip Wall and timed out on the race. The fact that The Freedom Trail Runners made it over to reach the finish line, after a mile-long grueling race against some of the world’s best athletes, is a testament to their hearts, strength, grit, and determination as individuals and as a team.

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